Christmas Nails: Rose Gold Polygel for Christmas

Hello my loves! Merry Christmas.
I wanted to stop by today and show you the latest obsession of mine, nail wise. 

This is something from the Gelish family and it offers a way of getting length, strength and gel hardness. I got my first Polygel manicure a month back and I have to say it was a revelation. I went from super short nails, to long talons. 

I didn't want acrylics again but now my local salon Gelish NI had started doing Polygel and as a way of transforming my short, breaking, sad nails, into something fabulous. 

The process was all about preparation. My nail technician Tammy (find her on instagram at @gelishnailsbytammy) had to prep my natural nails, add an extension, then squeeze, slice and roll the polygel onto the created length. Then we were back to shaping the nail. Once the shape is perfect, coffin, square, oval, rounded, squoval etc.

The nail is then prepped for polish just as your own natural nail would be. We opted for super sparkle nudes. Taking inspiration from Tammy's own nails we opted for a gorgeous taupe and a clear polish to add to a glitter fade. So much glitter, chunky rose gold glitter which looks like metal on the fingers. 

Needless to say I'm obsessed. I went for a coffin square finish and oh my goodness I feel so fancy. I bought my mum a polygel set for Christmas and she's currently rocking a dark short sparkly red. She also feels very fancy. 

 I love the fact they're so hard, I don't need to think about them, at all. Don't need to worry about chips or breakage. For me they're really low maintenance, I don't need to think about them for 3/4 weeks then I get them changed! For me beauty isn't about arduous routines, but easy fixes that make you feel good and look good, you shouldn't need to be a slave to your routine. For some polygel nails and lash extensions are really high maintenance, for me it's not thinking about my nails for a month, it's not worrying about my lashes for the same time. Using less mascara, not worrying about strip lashes, not having to buy lots of different mascaras to give me length curl and volume.

It makes my life easier. That suits me just fine!

Tell me, what makes your life easier? What beauty fixes are perfect for you?

Much Love

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