Inanity is Lit: Getting in the Candle Business

Do you guys have a hobby that you do, that you love, that makes you inexplicably happy?

For me its making candles and I've just set up my own little candle shop which is here at REBEL REBEL. I've always been scent focused from working in a perfumery, to making my own scents. For years I've been a scented candle lover, and eventually all the independent stores I bought from discontinued my favourites. 

Some of the candles I liked started giving me headaches from the fragrance oils used so eventually I started making my own. 

I started by combining two of my favourite things, Star Wars and candles, and my goals was to create atmospheres, to harness the power of scent to add to and create worlds. One of my friends recently put together an amazing Star Wars story, and I offered to create a candle for her to help create the world of her story. 

So that's how I started. I made a candle for her, (it was Starkiller) and from then I discovered how much I enjoyed it. I tinkered with scents in my little atomic shot glasses adding drops of this and drops of that until I was able to find a blend that evoked something.

They all come with a Darth Vader melt in the top as well, which well its adorable.

So feel free to check out my new little store, everything is hand blended, hand poured and well they're pretty darned cool even if I do say so myself!

Much Love

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