Medipen: Can a Vape Pen Help Anxiety?

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You heard me right, today we're talking anxiety, and feeling anxious and how a CBD vape pen may help with that. 

I was recently sent the Medipen to try from the lovely folks at Medipen, now I'm a non smoker so I had no real frame of reference, but one thing I am is someone who deals with anxiety. For many people anxiety manifests differently, it comes over as nervousness or indecision, it can be completely debilitating. It is the absolute worst, for me it manifests as perfectionism and a need for control, I get pretty anxious when I fall out of my routines and its how I cope. 

This isn't a 'woe is me' kind of post, its just one of the things we all deal with, and I had been on medication in the past for my anxiety (no shame here folks, do your thing) and I found although it helped it made me super sleepy. So when I started reading about the benefits of CBD which is a cannabinoid, from the same plant as it's high-making brother but with no highs, I really wanted to see if it would work. Its also completely legal. The THC which causes the highs in cannabis, is not in CBD.

What is CBD?
But CBD has many benefits without the high of cannabis in fact with over 15,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrating the powerful therapeutic effects of both non-psychotropic and psychoactive cannabinoids, the medicinal cannabis revolution has gained significant traction over the past few decades. 

'Each cannabinoid is responsible for a variety of different effects, and we highly recommend conducting your own research if you’re interested in learning more. Most identified cannabinoids also show great promise for their therapeutic benefits due to having few known interactions with any drugs and no physical dependency or withdrawal symptoms. For the last two decades, cannabis has been cultivated for higher amounts of THC, ideal for the recreational user. However, as more & more research is conducted we are now able to grow cannabis strains low in THC and rich in other legal non-psychoactive cannabinoids, which have been shown to have a wide range of potential applications.'

Why Medipen?
Here's why I chose Medipen to work with, firstly they use all organic products, their base in coconut oil and there is no nasty surprises, it's pure, clean and without horrible additives.
Secondly, the pen is well an actual shape of a pen, and it has a rubberised stylus at the end which if you are using it a lot can be used with your smart phone.
Thirdly, its so clean. It's completely self contained, you screw on and off the new capsules, which each have their own mouthpiece, there's no button to push or massive smoke. You get a little vapour stream and that's it. It lights up when you lightly suck and when it needs charged you just plug the battery into a usb charger.

My Impressions
I've been reviewing it for almost a month now and I've been using it with my mindfulness. So my usual routine is to sit comfortably and focus on my breath, breathe gently into the vape, it did take me a while to get used to the flavours, as I don't smoke or vape normally, but I really liked the coconut! So when breathing in the coconut oil vapour with the CBD I noticed that the sharp anxiety drop which I normally deal with wasn't as pronounced, it felt easier, my chest wasn't as anxious. As my testing went on I found that I would use it in the evening to prepare my body for bed, to take the edge off any anxious feelings and I slept better. 

Here's the thing, it worked. I was absolutely shocked, I wasn't sure what to expect but it worked, I felt more relaxed and less on edge. I also found that it eased my tension in my shoulders and neck. I don't use it all day, but when my anxiety is really pronounced I have reached for it and i has eased it to much more manageable levels.

The Verdict
It's a really good product. Clean, efficient, organic, there's no addictive qualities, it's safe and it really works, I was delighted with it. I will categorically be continuing with it in the evening. It also lasts for ages, I've been using it for a month and I'm not even half way through a cartridge. I didn't think vaping, or using a vape would be for me but it's so different to those enormous contraptions you see people puffing on. So if you've been interested in trying CBD or have seen it in your chemist or in High Street stores, Medipen is a fabulous product to use.

Highly recommend! If you want to come over to my Instagram and tell me how you get on or let me know if you've been thinking of trying CBD, you can find me at @inanityandthegirl.

Much Love

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