Retro 'Scandle' Chic: Filthy Velvet Northern Ireland's Artisian Candle Makers

The fabulous Me So Thorny, Indian Rose scented, earthy and floral

At Inanity and the Girl one of the things we love doing is supporting local, from local artists to crafters, to businesses and entrepreneurs. So today I am delighted to bring you the fabulous Filthy Velvet hand poured 'scandals' from the coast of Northern Ireland. 

I met up with Karen, the mistress of all things Filthy Velvet to have a chat with her and find out a little about the newest candles on the block. 

Posh Tart burns in my bedroom, rich apple pie you can even smell the pastry

It was so important to Karen to really understand all the components of putting together a beautiful luxury candle, with maximum burn time, maximum fragrance, minimum smoking and the best quality possible. The result a range of 14 scented candles, packaged in silver tins with the distinctive black label and tongue-in-cheek names. 

The business was set up by Karen Shirlow, who used her background as an owner of an interiors business to really find the gap in the candle market, which is of course where her cheeky candles came from. She wanted to take a conscious step away from the well trodden path of twee inspired country candles and into something, high quality, grown up and a little more fun.

Pot Head the freshly cut grass scandle burns in my kitchen, it smells like kale and lemon juice, fresh and springlike
All the candles are hand poured by Karen, she told me how she had bought a beautiful vintage samovar and now uses it as a way to pour her candles. The time and energy Karen has spent in researching her fragrances, her waxes and wicks, the packaging design and even the hand pouring, makes her candles, personal, artisan and valuable to the entrepreneurial landscape of Northern Ireland.

Freshly cut grass makes my kitchen feel like I'm in the countryside rather than inner city

Filthy Velvet have had great business success for a new company, they've been selected to appear at a showcase in London for new businesses, they're also going to be working with some of the biggest online companies around soon.

It's a really exciting time for Filthy Velvet and I've really enjoyed burning the scandles  in my house, each one lasts for 40 hours which for quite a compact tin is rather fab.

Pie Eyed, the black stout scented scandle, buttery and stout scented. Extremely good.
You can check out Filthy Velvet online, have a look at their scandles and filthy bits!

Much Love

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