Going Unfiltered: The Skincare Miracle

So today I'm in absolute raves over a product. Like so much so I've put up pictures of my face, no filters, no sneaky smoothing, no nothing, to show you how damn good this product is. 

Guess what, it's from The Body Shop and you'll have enough change from £20 to buy yourself a coffee. Well maybe, unless you have an elaborate coffee order filled with extras. 

It's the Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel from the Drops of Light range at The Body Shop. I bought it as I saw it online and thought 'oooo that looks interesting.' I originally bought it for Himself as he gets sebhorreic dermatitis and I thought the peel being able to remove any flakes would be great, I did not think I'd be using it.

Fast forward two weeks, I now use it every 4 days and it is INSANELY good. 

Here is my face, zoom in, there's no filters on this or smoothing, You can see pores and hairs and all that but the peel reduces the pores, it cleans everything out, it refines and polishes the skin and you're left with THE BEST SKIN. I'm not wearing much foundation apart from my light coverage Bourjois ten hour sleep effect and moisturiser so it really is the product doing the work.

It's a Korean style product, you put it on dry skin and rub, and suddenly balls of skin are falling off your face, I keep rubbing until nothing more is coming off then take a face cloth and wash your face. I pop on a little moisturiser then go to bed and that's me. The next morning GLOW. 

It makes you look like you've just had a resurfacing facial, it is ridiculous. You have to try it!

Much Love

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