Local Tan, Worldwide Appeal: Lusso Tan Competes with the Best

The fake tan industry is a daunting one, with tans these days coming in all shapes, sizes and formulations, thankfully the increase is due to the rising reluctance of people to use sunbeds (thank god). So tans are the new fabulous thing.
Let me admit right from the off, I am awful at doing fake tan, bloody awful. Tan normally sticks to every pore in my face, my hands turn a weird colour, I can never get my legs brown and I feel ridiculous. This is why I don't wear it a lot.
So last year when my best gal, Claire got married, a tan was pretty much essential for me to feel good on the day, and I didn't trust myself to do my own.

Enter the fabulous, Secret Day Spa on the Belmont Road in Belfast, where I had my first Lusso tan. Of course, I've attached a picture below of me on the day with Himself, so you can see exactly what this tan in medium looks like.

Are you surprised? OF COURSE YOU ARE!
It's a lovely golden glow with no weird orange bits, and best of all, it's not really obvious, or really ESSEX.

So when the fab Lusso Tan invited me to their little info event in Forestside Belfast, with Medicare I had to go. Besides showing us their home grown Northern Irish tan which is non sticky and not too biscuity, we got to see the surrounding products. Let me tell you they're showstoppers.

In particular the skin primer 

It cleanses your skin and cleans it, removing things can can ruin your tan adherence, but the best part is it also plumps the skin. So I had a shower, exfoliated with an exfoliating glove (when it comes to tan its the only way of ensuring exfoliation) and jumped out of the shower, spraying the primer all over. My skin was now ready. 

The tan was a quick application, it's not cloying and it isn't sticky, you know those tans that if you buff them you can actually see the tan moving around on your skin, not like those! It's a liquid application, very quick and easy and can be used for the face. Remembering the cardinal rule that less is best with the hands, I squeezed the mitt to run over my hands instead of applying more.                                                                                                                 That was it. The next day I was tanned, and as I jumped into the shower the indicator washed off and I was left with a beautifully natural gold tan. The best thing actually for me was the skin primer which as the week went on I spritzed over myself when needed which helped the tan to fade really gradually but also plumped and nourished my skin. Hurrah, none of that dodgy patchy tan removal.                                                                                                                 And while we're on it..... The tan faded beautifully. There is another gorgeous after product in the range which is a shimmering powder glow, I have to tell you I saw it in the flesh at the launch and my magpie senses kicked off, it is an absolute beauty. Can be used swept across the body, as a highlighter and bronzer, on the eyes and anywhere else you please. It is called Finishing Touch Shimmer, and it is BEAUTIFUL.

I'm not really one for raving unless it's merited but honestly hand on heart I can say this is the best tan I've used. I've used St Tropez, Fake Bake etc but this is the only one that provides a glowy look and the additional products work a treat. I would absolutely recommend you go for the primer it helps the product stay on and look the best it can.

And as a cheeky hack, I was going out the other night in bare legs (the horror) and my pale irish stems didn't match my bronzed uppers. So I grabbed the primer cleansing spray, spritzed it over my legs then when I rubbed off any excess with a towel quickly applied the Lusso tan and suddenly golden legs, even just with the indicator. The best thing was the next morning, I had lovely bronzed legs! 
So if you're a time saver like me you may find the primer is your lifesaver!

Either way guys, check them out, it's an excellent tan and is at Medicare pharmacies but you can also buy online and check for other stockists. 

Much Love


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