Award Show Claws: My First Experience of Polygel

I love gel nails, I do. Primarily because I'm a low faff kind of girl, I don't want to be repairing chips every other day or even thinking about my nails. At the same time I think chipped nails are so noticeable and it makes me really self conscious. So gels are the way forward for me. 3 weeks no fuss good looking nails. 

But recently I've had to cut my nails down and they were really short. Short nails on my sausage fingers are not cute, so I needed some length and I decided to try Polygel as a way of dong it. The girls who do my nails at Gelish NI, managed to fit me in for an appointment, I didn't want to go to the Thirty Plus Blog Awards with short ugly nails!

Tammy, check her out on Instagram at @gelishnailsbytammy hooked me up with some lovely black tipped polygels, hard and durable, I feel so fancy and they weren't even that expensive.

Polygel builds gel onto a tip and they can be enormous claws or short, the polygel protects and you can infill them as you would with acrylics. 

Have you done gel nails? Would you try Polygel?

Much Love

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