Questions I'm Asked

A collection of questions I get asked frequently (funnily enough).

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging nearly 2 years ago, it came out of running out of space when trying to explain how to do things to people on Twitter. I thought a blog would give me more space, and since then I've never looked back.

Who designed your blog?
I did :) it has been a bit of a labour of love. My friend Owain did my header illustration for me and the colours he used then meant I had to change a lot of my blog. So I tinkered with the colours, learnt what html was for, made my own buttons, links and the like and got familiar with the advanced settings in Blogger's layout. There are tutorials for most things on the net and I'm a big fan of the 'click it and see what happens' method of blog design. I recommend that to everyone, investigate all the buttons and see what you can do yourself, you'd be surprised.

What does your blog title mean?
Inanity and the Girl, well it's a bit of a joke really, inanity comes from the word inane which just means a general lack of ideas. So I was being a bit self deprecating but it's a title that made me laugh and it sort of stuck. I know it doesn't really scream beauty blog but my blog started out as just me before it became beauty. I hope that goes some way to explaining it.

Why do you blog?
A question I'm sure many of you have asked, I blog because I enjoy it. When I started I was knee deep in a doctoral thesis and it was a great way to write about something that wasn't work. I really enjoyed the creativity it afforded and it is lovely getting to know other bloggers and building a little community. I've also been amazed as people started reading and commenting, it's a real pleasure to be a blogger when you get to talk to people and answer comments. I also look back at my older posts, see how I've changed and I feel a real sense of pride. When I look at my blog I think 'I did this, this is mine' and I feel slightly proud.

Why do you not just blog about beauty?
I think bloggers are creatures who have one foot in journalism and one foot in their own life, blogs are wonderful as they allow you to have a look into someone's life. I consider this more of a personal blog than just a beauty blog and I love just letting the every day come into the blog. I don't think my readers mind :)

What kind of camera do you use?
Cameras in the beauty blogging world are a big deal, I don't use a fancy camera, I use my iPhone camera and that's about it. I always have it with me, and I'm a terrible photographer so a fancy DSLR (that's what they're called right?) would be wasted on me. If you want to be a beauty or fashion blogger, don't feel you have to buy yourself a big expensive camera, they're not mandatory, I promise.

Do you write negative reviews?
There's two things here, firstly I see the blog as a collection of things that I think are pretty, fun, effective or glamourous, things I'm using and loving and want to share with others. I think this blog is the written equivalent of having drinks with your girlfriends and gossiping about the products in your make up bag. I don't write the blog to launch exposés on bad products.

Secondly, I tend to only accept things to review that I think I will like, or that I'm interested in. I don't enjoy giving out really bad reviews so if I don't like something I usually just won't write about it. Now if I REALLY don't like something and I think 'I can't not say something' I'll write about it. I don't like being negative, I always like having something constructive and balanced to say so the reviews are always honest, I just tend not to feature things I don't like I think a lot of negativity brings the tone down. I want you guys to feel like we're having a gossip about what we love, that's the tone I want to keep.

Is that really your pug?
Yes she's my pug and her name is Molly, she's very naughty and boisterous and she does feature on the blog every now and then. I love featuring her but I don't want to swamp you all with pug photos (I would, I'm like one of those annoying mothers). She's a total poser so the second she sees a camera she will give it her best Zoolander. I've taken her for walks where people have asked for their photo with her (really, we were stood outside the local bar for half an hour once while people lay on the ground beside her for photos), and the second she sees the camera it's a full pose.

What's your favourite vintage decade?
It's a really tough question, I adore the make up and hair of the 1920s, it makes me think of winter time, pale faces, dark lips. But, I also adore the whole aesthetic of the 1950s pin-up girl, most of the clothes I wear are very 1950s in style. So it is between those two.

Why don't you do more fashion posts?
I enjoy fashion but I never really feel happy with full length pictures of myself, I also don't buy heaps of clothes so I think it would get a bit boring seeing me in the same things. I dabble in fashion a bit but I wouldn't ever consider myself a fashion blogger.

Will you design my blog for me?
I've been asked a few times and I never know what to say, obviously I'm hugely flattered, I think it means they like how my blog looks. I'm not a web designer or graphic designer, I just spend a lot of time tinkering about with my blog and I've managed to teach myself a few things. I've done social media icons for friends in the past, helped them with html and overall design but I'd never consider myself a blog designer. If you want a hand email me and I'll try and help.

Are the things on your Etsy shop made by you?
They are, yes. I don't get as much time as I'd like to craft but I love it. My little shop gets things added to it when I finish them.

How do I start blogging?
You just get yourself a Blogger or Wordpress account and go! Most sites are very user friendly so you can set up and go. Now all you need is something to write about! Go for it!

Can I contact you?
Of course you can, my email is you can contact me to have a chat, ask about reviews or to discuss a post.

Would you mind if we paid for your whole wedding?
Gotcha! I'm just kidding, no-one has ever asked me that, oh if only they had! As long as I didn't have to have advertising on my wedding dress I may consider it :) I joke, I joke! (Maybe just on the soles of the shoes).


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